Famous Singers From New York

Famous Singers From New York

You might think that New York would be the home of a vast majority of singers and songwriters, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, there are some big names from New York, but most singers in the area likely travel there from whatever town they were originally from. Still, the following singers and performers can always cite New York as their home, and New York can in turn claim them.

Alicia Keys

This lovely poet, singer, and musician was her class valedictorian, graduating at age 16. Considered one of the 100 greatest artists of all time by VH1, Keys provides a soulful, unique sound coupled with amazing piano talents—making her a true musical artist beyond the come and go singers that grace the stage for fifteen minutes. The lovely songstress has also proved that she has acting chops, though it would be nice to see her cast in better films.


Aaliyah was one of the most tragic examples of talents gone too fast and too young in my generation. The incredibly gifted singer and model was born in Brooklyn, and died at age 22 along with her stylist and crew in a plane accident. She had a gorgeous voice, was beginning a career as a very talented actress, and the world missed her, and still misses her, greatly.

Neil Diamond

“Sweet Caroline” crooner Neil Diamond was born in New York in 1941. He’s considered the third most successful adult audience performer, just behind Barbara Streisand and Sir Elton John. The most impressive thing about the now-70 year old singer is that he’s still touring, even after all these years. Diamond has sold over 115 million records and is proof that some artists have true staying power.

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