May 2011

Yellow Ostrich's "Whale"

Yellow Ostrich's Alex Schaaf is living the American dream.  He graduated from college last year (with me!!), moved to New York and now he's playing the Bowery Ballroom.  Such is life. He deserves it because he, and his voice, are sweet. Here's "Whale" by Yellow Ostrich.

Famous Singers From New York

You might think that New York would be the home of a vast majority of singers and songwriters, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, there are some big names from New York, but most singers in the area likely travel there from whatever town they were originally from. Still, the following singers and performers can always cite New York as their home, and New York can in turn claim them.

Alicia Keys

Team Love Records is Saddle Creek in the big city


Being a displaced Nebraskan myself, I feel like I understand Team Love Records, based in New York City.  Maybe you’re a little bit more of a curiosity because you’re perceived to have grown up uninitiated, among corn, but you’re also a little bit more at home where you are now, away from home.  The label of many Omaha music darlings (past and present) and founded by the most beloved Omaha darling of them all, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, takes the Omaha sound—and those affiliated with it—and takes it to newer, and larger, audiences in bigger cities.