March 2012

Spaces - 'The Crown of the Sun'

It's not always easy to build momentum with an instrumental centered around acoustic guitar, but Spaces does just that with this forward-tumbling track.

Fast Years - 'Young Heart'

Fast Years beef up the happy, rolicking surf-punk engine with some raw bluesy muscle. The result is one of the catchiest singles of the year so far, replete with handclaps and a swinging hook. Keep an eye out for their debut EP.

Odd Future in New York

Odd Future, officially known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is coming to New York. The band is most notable known for its members, Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean. Each member of the group brings an individuality that challenges the norms of society. Tyler, The Creator is no stranger to controversy, the rapper is known for dropping offensive lyrics with no apologies to follow suit. Tyler sometimes feels like an acquired taste. He is someone that you have to get used to for him to become appealing. The issue with Tyler is that most people don't like acquired tastes.